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D-DAY 66

D-Day 66
I delivered 7 more gift bags from the 6 WWII Museums of West Texas to the other 5 best D-Day museums in Normandy followed by a gift bag to IWM Duxford in Cambridge, England and the Assault Glider Trust at RAF Shawbury base at Shrewsbury, England.  I will post many photos and more information about D-Day 66 very soon.  I traveled to my favorite D-Day Museums in Normandy at D-Day 66.  Joe Hays accompanied me on this trip but was in a different Hertz rental car.  Below are some photos of my favorite museums in Normandy.--johnmc.


Mr. Ian Daglish and Mr. Kevin Baverstock

Note:  Very sadly, Ian Daglish passed away on Sunday, July 31st, 2011 from injuries received in a plane crash near Manchester, England.  Below is a link to a BBC new article about Ian's crash.  Ian was a friend and colleague in WWII studies.  He had published several books on battles in Normandy.  He will be missed by many.--johnmc.

Mr. David Mabbutt receives his gift bag from the 6 WWII Museums of West Texas in the photo below.  I delivered 6 gift bags during D-Day 65 and 7 gift bags during D-Day 66.  I delivered two more gift bags to two museums in England during D-Day 67, June 2011.
Photo to be posted soon.--johnmc.


British 6th Airborne Division bagpiper Bill Millan (seated) is greeted by the curator of Memorial Pegasus Museum, Mark Worthington (right) in white shirt with red tie.  This photo if from D-Day 66 in June, 2010.  Joe Hays joined me for this trip.  This was Joe's first trip to France and England.  Bill Millan passed away in the summer of 2010 following his last appearance in Normandy for D-Day 66.  Mark Worthington is a good friend.  Also at this great museum is Beatrice Boisee and Patrice.  I delivered a gift bag from the West Texas WII Museums to this museum at D-Day 65 in June, 2009.--johnmc.

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