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D-DAY 67

D-Day 67
I spent 10 nights in Normandy and 5 nights in England for this D-Day.  I stay at a B&B just north of Caen with a family I have known and stayed with since D-Day 60.  I always stay at the Renaissance Hotel in England, first at Gatwick Airport (D-Day 60 through D-Day 62) and now the Renaissance Hotel on Bath Road at Heathrow Airport since D-Day 64.

I delivered two gift bags from the 6 WWII museums of West Texas for this D-Day:  one went to the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth and the other to RAF Cosford.  I will post photos and more information about D-Day 67 very soon.--johnmc.

On June 6, 2011, D-Day 67, I was at UTAH Beach Museum in Normandy, France.  This was the grand opening ceremony of the newly expanded UTAH Beach Museum.  The Dewhursts, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and his brother Gene Dewhurst, who heads up THE DEWHURST FOUNDATION, raised $45 million to expand the museum and create a whole new wing which houses a B-26 Marauder medium bomber from WWII, just like the one their dad flew.  Their dad, Captain David Dewhurst, Sr., lead an important raid early on the morning of June 6 over UTAH Beach about an hour before the landings commenced.  Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, could not be on hand for the D-Day ceremony but I met his wife Patricia and his brother Gene and his wife.  Later in January of 2012 in Lubbock, I met Lt. Governor David Dewhurst while he was on a campaign stop.  Lt. Governor Dewhurst is running for the US Senate to fill the seat vacated by retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The Second Lady of Texas, Patricia Dewhurst and John McCullough at UTAH Beach Museum for D-Day 67 enjoying the newly expanded museum from funds raised by THE DEWHURST FOUNDATION.  Behind us is a B-26 Marauder like Captain David Dewhurst, Sr. flew during WWII.

Mr. Gene Dewhurst and wife with John McCullough at UTAH Beach Museum for D-Day 67.  Gene Dewhurst heads up THE DEWHURST FOUNDATION.

General Wilson at UTAH Beach ceremonies at D-Day 67.  General Wilson is a WWII veteran and graduated from Lubbock Army Air Field.  Lubbock AAF closed in the fall of 1945 but re-opened in 1949 as REESE AIR FORCE BASE.  REESE AFB remained open training pilots all throughout the Cold War until the Base Re-Alignment Committee (BRAC) closed REESE permanently in June, 1997.

Lt. Governor of Texas David Dewhurst and John McCullough shake at the Bank of America building at 19th Street and University Ave in Lubbock, Texas in January, 2012.  I just gave Mr. Dewhurst my BREEDLOVE CPTP RESEARCH PROJECT contact card with website information.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and John McCullough at his campaign stop in Lubbock, Texas in January, 2012.

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