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Photos from Freiburg, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland
May, 2012

This photo was taken from my 6th floor room from the Hotel Mercure.

I traveled to Freiburg, Germany for research in WWII aviation matters.  I flew into Zurich from London Heathrow and took the train from Zurich north to Freiburg (also spelled as Freibourg).  I arrived at the Mercure Hotel in Freiburg very late on a Sunday evening and was very glad to have arrived safely.  I ordered room service just before it closed for the evening at 10:30 p.m. (2230 hours).  I then collapsed into bed and slept and slept and slept.  The Mercure is a very nice hotel and I have stayed at the Mercure in Caen and Omaha Beach in Normandy, France several times.  The photo above is looking out of my Hotel Mercure 6th floor window in Freiburg.  It was fairly cold the first few days that I was there and it rained almost all the time.  When it was not raining, it was extremely humid; so humid, in fact, that steam and humidity would rise up out of the forrest on the hill seen.  At first, I thought that the forrest was on fire.  I am not used to this much humidity.  It is much drier in Lubbock, TX.

This hotel is just to the left of the K&U bakery and is in downtown Freiburg.  The train station is located just behind this hotel.  My train from Zurich and returning back to Zurich came into this station.

From their website, I thought I was going to be lodging in this building for my apartment.  However, this was only in a nearby park.

Die K&U backerie (the K&U Bakery with the sunshine face was very close to my apartment which is where I lived for 9 nights after I left the Hotel Mercure.)

Frau Schermann unt Frau Maier.

More photos from Freiburg, Germany

Uta mit her eyes closed.  She always complained that people photographed her with her eyes closed so I made sure to do that, as well.

This was a typical looking street in Freiburg near the train station close to where my apartment entrance was located.  Life in my apartment was quite different than the 3 nights I spent at the luxurious Hotel Mercure (three stars).  While staying at the apartment, I spent most of my evenings at the nearby Best Western hotel which had a bar called the Hemingway Bar.

Zurich, Switzerland was very beautiful and I really enjoyed it.  I hope to return to Switzerland someday and explore it more.  I stayed two nights at the Hotel Ibis in Zurich near the International Airport.  It was two stars but very comfortable and in a very nice part of town.  This river was within very close walking distance to my hotel.

I miss Freiburg, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland and hope to return to them someday.  While eating supper at the Hotel Ibis on my last night, I met a very nice couple from Oregan or Washington State in the US.  He was born in Switzerland and she was from San Francisco.  He was making his last trip home to Switzerland for a visit to see his childhood country.

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