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Lamesa AAF

I discovered Lamesa Army Air Field, also known simply as Lamesa Field, in 2006 while researching Clent Breedlove's many air field sites around West Texas.  Since Lamesa Field was both a primary glider field site originally as a liaison pilot school later run by Breedlove in 1944, I decided to have entries about it on both of my websites.  This webpage on ResearchWars will be dedicated to the early period of Lamesa Field when it was a primary glider field.  The content about Lamesa AAF which was later run by Breedlove as a liaison pilot school in 1944 will be listed on my Breedlove CPTP website.

Below are photos from my first research trip to Lamesa Field on December 19, 2009.  All photos were taken by me, John W. McCullough.

Joe Cope, Bob Smith, and Wayne Smith all look over some photographs of Lamesa Field at the DalPaso Museum in Lamesa, Texas.

Wayne Smith points to some of the many articles and photographs about Lamesa Field located at the DalPaso Museum.

The sole surviving hangar of Lamesa Field.

A large brick vault is still standing at Lamesa Field.  This was used to store classified information during the war.

Note the door still on its hinges.  The brick vault provided not only security but fire protection of classified materials.

Back side (north) of the hangar at Lamesa Field.

Inside of the hangar showing the original wood framework.

Bob Smith looks over a glider frame at Lamesa Field.

Side view of the hangar at Lamesa Field.  One of the many concrete foundations at Lamesa Field is seen in the foreground.  Although covered in dirt and tree limbs, the foundations at Lamesa AAF are all in very good condition.  Some work needs to be done to remove the dirt and debris built up over 60 years; but once that is complete, an outdoor walking tour could be create with identification markers setup at various places describing the types of building which were once located there.

Second research trip:  Saturday, January 16, 2010.  It was very cold and very foggy.

Pete Harris of Brownfield and Leighton Maggard of Plainview, Texas visit Lamesa AAF.  Pete Harris worked at Breedlove Airport in Lubbock, TX.  Leighton Maggard was a pilot instructor at Plainview Pre-Glider School (Finney Field) in 1942-43 and later at Lamesa AAF (Lamesa Field) for Breedlove in 1943-44.  During the time when Breedlove ran Lamesa AAF, it was a liaison pilot school.

Joe Hays talks to Leighton Maggard's son-in-law, Clar Schacht and his son while looking over the grounds of Lamesa Field.

WWII Glider Pilot Doug Flynn looks over the photos and documents about Lamesa Field at the DalPaso Museum in Lamesa.

Pete Harris points out a photo from Lamesa Field in WWII at the DalPaso Museum in Lamesa.  We took a tour of the museum after our trip to Lamesa Field that very cold and foggy Saturday morning in January, 2010.  Harris still runs a flying service just east of Brownfield, Texas.

Wayne Smith, Doug Flynn, Bob Smith, Joe Cope, and Pete Harris all enjoyed their tour of the DalPaso Museum with special focus on Lamesa Field.

The Smith brothers, Wayne and Bob, pose in front of the yule tide trimmings with Joe Hays at the DalPaso Museum on January 16, 2010.

Much more will be coming on Lamesa Field.  Don Abbe, curator of Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, would like to visit Lamesa Field so plans are in the works for a third research trip this fall of 2012.

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